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Goodie Bags

“Thanks Matt! The goodie bags were a great idea. The kids loved them and saved us from a lot of extra time and work."
-Marie Braun, Birthday Party Mom

Matt Schick Goodie Bag

Our Goodie Bags make an excellent addition to any childrens party or event. These fun-filled party bags save parents the tedious task of purchasing expensive toys and supplies, only to later find out that many of them will not even work. After a considerable amount of trial and error, Matt has created a bag that is filled with safe toys that children actually enjoy playing with!

Each Goodie Bag includes a variety of different toys and games. Bags may include assortments of the following items: , funny lip whistle, fortune telling fish, blowstring pipe, coin changer magic trick, foam ice cream shooter, a bouncy ball, tattoos, a silly band, and more!


“We heard many positive comments about the Goodie Bags. Thanks!"
-Anne Kiesewette, Birthday Party Mom © 2011 - All Rights Reserved